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Coleman's featured in state government case study

by Colemans Editor on Friday, 8 March 2013 9:44 AM

The Central West Catchment Management Authority (CMA) works with regional communities to restore and improve natural resources.

They involve local communities to encourage the development of resilient landscapes. The CMA ensures that the knowledge and expertise within the catchment is used to help the landscape function to its fullest and at its most productive whilst maintaining its resilience.

CMAs are funded by the NSW Government, with additional support from the Australian Government.

Colemans is one a several local businesses in the region that have been featured in the CMA'a Resource Efficiency Toolkit. This kit is designed to give very practical advice on how businesses can implement simple cost savings while becoming more sustainable.

Other Bathurst based businesses featured in the kit included Al Dente Gormet to Go, Bathurst Mowerland, and the Russell Street Medical Centre.

Colemans is an example of a retail/service business that has saved substantial electricity costs by installing solar panels, energy efficient lighting througout their building, amongst other things.

Colemans took advantage of the many state and federal incentives to assist businesses make the capital cost.

If you'd like to know more about Coleman's story then please contact Stephen McDonogh on

Take this link to the CMA's website to view the toolkit - and read about all the local business case studies ....


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