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Samsung aims to redefine printing

by Colemans Editor on Wednesday, 31 October 2012 12:35 PM

The result is stunning image quality combined with flexibility and convenience for users. And all of this extra functionality comes packaged in an ergonomic design with both ebony brown and ice grey colour options.

“Samsung’s latest series comes with amazing image quality and connectivity smarts that provide significant advancements in Samsung’s printer technology,” says Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Samsung is aiming to break boundaries with its new printer models, delivering easy to use innovative solutions in some of the smallest design forms for Samsung. Coupled with an array of user friendly features such as smart wi-fi direct print service and SmarThru on selected models, the new series is one of Samsung’s most exceptional."

Duel processors are at the heart of Samsung’s print performance. With the power of two cores the device can process work files simultaneously and at high speeds. The six new Samsung A4 printers include three colour single function devices: the CLP-365, the CLP-415 and the CLP-680; as well as 3 multifunctional series models: the CLX-3305, the CLX-4195 and the CLX-6260.

The small footprint of the CLP-365 and CLP-415 make them perfect for de-cluttering the small office while the CLX-6260 model helps deliver great business productivity. Yet despite their small size, print quality is nothing short of outstanding.

ReCP (rendering engine for clean pages) is the brains behind the vivid colour and sharp mono prints. ReCP delivers exceptionally sharp text, clean images and brilliant prints. In practical terms, it automatically adds dots along the edges of images and characters, meaning virtually everything looks sharp and clean.

What’s more, those common white gaps between coloured areas are minimised. With ReCP, users get outstanding colour print performance including skin tone, and importantly, no onpage banding.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s new polymerised toner boasts smaller and highly uniform particles meaning that printouts have crisp lines and clear dynamic colours. Paper curling is minimised and the high wax content helps improve the image gloss and enhance the durability, especially of colour prints.

Samsung’s SmarThru function on CLP-680 series and CLX-6260 series captures documents digitally for quick and archiving, indexing and file searching. The feature helps simplify information sharing between departments through the direct application via fax, FTP, print, e-mail and Microsoft SharePoint systems.

The CLP-680 and CLX-6260 series also come with Samsung’s SyncThru device management solution, for easy management of printers and other devices within a business. This can help raise productivity by streamlining processes ranging from job accounting control to hardware settings on devices such as PCs and mobile products.

With 4-in-1 versatility, the Samsung CLX-6260 printer streamlines workflow and helps ensure that the office print operation is working efficiently. Boasting print, copy, scan and fax functionality, it offers flexibility and lets you work with minimal barriers. A host of innovative features like ID Copy, N-up copy, scan-to-email and the convenient PC fax functionality helps ensure that your workforce has the necessary functionality needed to thrive in the modern world of business.

And for those offices where speed matters, the CLX-6260F overcomes office bottlenecks producing 24 pages per minute, all the while delivering resolutions of 9600 x 600 DPI. Samsung’s new range also caters to mobile workers with the CLP-365, CLP-415, CLX-6260, CLX-4195 and CLX-3305 all equipped with Samsung’s smart wi-fi direct print service. This supports selected Android OS, iOS and Windows OS devices via Samsung’s mobile print application.*

This enables users to print on the run at the push of a button. With Samsung mobile printing solution, you don’t have to install any drivers to your compatible mobile devices. Instead, you just install the Samsung mobile print application on your compatible mobile devices, and you can print directly from your compatible mobile device.

The ‘economical’ model features include forced duplex, N-up printing and toner settings. Samsung’s economical print driver lets users control and delete the copy and images, which in turn helps to reduce paper usage and cut down toner compared to earlier models without the economical mode. Samsung’s one touch economical button is featured on Samsung’s A4 colour models released in 2012.

To help overcome the inconvenience and inefficiency of paper jams, Samsung’s own paper feed technology minimises the risk of paper jams and misfeeds, while a fully-enclosed paper tray provides for exceptional paper feed performance.

And Samsung’s easy printer manager makes configuration and ongoing maintenance easy. Users can check product lists, order consumables online, configure products and set and activate alarms.

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