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Coleman’s Office Products is regarded as one of the longest serving office products businesses in country NSW.

Coleman’s gets its name from the founder of the business in 1956, local businessman Ken Coleman. Ken sold the business to international business Pye Ltd, and it was later bought from Pye by a group of staff members, and then acquired by the present owners Stephen & Melissa McDonogh in April 2002.

Coleman’s has always been in the business of stationery and office furniture but it has also been a local icon in the evolution of office machines. Coleman’s initially forged a substantial business from the sale and service of typewriters, electronic typewriters, adding and accounting machines.

Coleman’s has also been aligned from day one with the history of machines that duplicate, copy, print, scan and archive. Today Colemans manages on behalf of our customers a massive fleet of pay per copy/print devices. These include machines operated by one and two staff small businesses through to large government and corporate clients.

Coleman’s strength lies in dedication to personal attentive service.

Since 1956 businesses in the Central West of NSW have been relying on Coleman’s staff to meet their requirements in everything that is office supplies and service.

Rural Aid Buy-a-Bale

Colemans Office Products is a proud local supporter of Rural Aid Australia’s Buy a Bale scheme. Pictured at Mt Panorama are from left to right Monty Giovenco and Stephen McDonogh from Colemans, Charles and Tracy Adler (Tracy second from right) – Founders of Rural Aid, Grant Denyer – media personality and Rural Aid Ambassador, Pastor Brad Hewitt – Blayney Baptist Community Church – spearheading local businesses support, and local business support Quynh Duong from Blayney Pharmacy.

In 2011 Coleman’s won the best presented store in Double A Paper’s national competition for the support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Pink Ribbon Award
Shop Front


New Bathurst Location – 54 George Street

As part of the Office Brands Group, Colemans is a proud Supply Nation Member


As part of its commitment to the environment Colemans Office Products has participated in the state government’s Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program. Colemans offices were subject to an assessment of various ways to save power consumption. This included replacing all lighting with energy saving lights, upgrading the air conditioning system to be more efficient, improving insulation, and the implementation of general good practices for energy saving.


Save Power
Colemans Shopfront

Coleman’s History: Shopfront Circa 1955


Coleman’s showroom following 2002 renovations

Renovated Building
Colemans Fleet

Coleman’s History: Our fleet Circa 1975

The coleman’s team and fleet of cars for 2003

Colemans Fleet 2003

Servicing Bathurst, Orange, Lithgow, Cowra, Mudgee, Oberon, Blayney and upper Blue Mountains